What is online training? 

Online training is a great way for busy people to workout wherever and whenever works the best for them. I will send you customized workouts via email based on your goals. If you do not know what something is or have any doubts, you will contact me. I provide you with all the resources you need to accurately do the workouts.

How do we track my progress? 

You will be expected to fill out a log provided by me once a week (Sunday or Monday) via email. This will help me see what your weight, food,and workouts have been like for the week. We can make adjustments as needed through out your time with me. This is COMPLETELY confidential and for me to decide if we need to change your plan. This is also to help you stay encouraged!

How do I contact you with questions regarding my plan or workouts? 

Email is the best way to contact me. Please give me a grace period of 24 hours to respond. However, I usually respond very quickly.

I have never lifted weights or workedout before. I do not know the names of different workouts.

No problem at all! That is why I am here for you. I supply you with simple directions on how to perform the exercises. This can also come in videos and pictures for those visual people like me.

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