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A Youthful Mind - Mindset is everything

"I knew you were young because you are too happy. You haven't been through anything in life".

I was told this not too long ago by someone maybe ten years older than me.

I've been through my fair share of shit in my life just like every other single individual on this planet. I've had several loved ones die, lost many friends, suffered mental illness, have had horrible jobs, been treated poorly, and the list goes on and on.  I made and continue every day to make a choice to be happy, to move on, to let things go, to learn from my mistakes, and to take responsibly for my actions. I choose to treat people kindly even if they drive me crazy and to smile, even the most difficult days.

I believe that many people in my generation makes this choice. They choose to be happy or if they aren’t, they decide to change what they are doing in order to be happy. This is what makes them successful. This is what continues to make them want to be better every day. This results in them to continue to grow and to achieve their goals.

If you walk around with a negative attitude and have thoughts like “my life sucks, or I'm unhappy, or something bad happened 10 years ago and it still has an impact on my life,” you are never going to be happy and you are going to have to try even harder to be successful. By successful I mean achieving your goals and happiness.

I am so happy to only be 23 years old. I've always been told I act more mature than my age. I have always been one of the youngest in my classrooms and all of my jobs because of my late birthday. To me, being 23 means opportunity.  Us 90s babies are so hard working, innovative, and know how to adapt.  We realize that happiness and hard work are choices we must make every day to enjoy our lives. Yes, we have only been on this earth for two decades but two decades is a long time.

It’s important to understand that you are not the only one going though things. You are not the only tired person in the room. Every single person has struggles, some worse than yours and some not as tough. Everyone has had horrible things happen in the past and will have them in the future. Every single person is exhausted. So, my thought is this: GET OVER IT. It may seem impossible but everything that happens, teaches you something. There are reasons crazy situations happen to us. So, instead of growing old and not getting what we want, do something that will make you have that. Stop using your past or future struggles as excuses. No one cares about your excuses but you. Everyone is tired but there is work to be done.

Your brain is yours. You control it. It does not matter what year you were born. It does not matter what happened to you. It matters how you react.



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