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Are You Letting The Scale Break You?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019


That’s right! People joke about breaking the scale but do not let the scale break you,. Many people struggle with the amount of pounds they weigh. They worry about the mass of all of their fat, their muscles, their water weight, their organs, and how much gravity pulls this mass down to the earth. Why let that bother you? I mean, we are all human, and last time I checked humans need their organs, some body fat, their blood and water to survive!

Did you know that muscle is more dense than fat? That means that one pound of fat takes up way more space than one pound of muscle. This is why several people tend to mix cardiovascular exercises with weight lifting. Cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, and walking are great for fat loss but so is weight training. Weight training increases your metabolism and helps you burn even more calories!

So why do I mention weight training in an article about scales? Well, when you do weight train you build muscle. In doing so, you are burning more calories and you need to make sure you give your body the nutrients it needs. When people start to gain muscle they see their weight number increase or stay the same on the scale. Well that is not what they wanted right? People get frustrated because they do not see progress. However, they are gaining progress! They are losing fat and gaining muscle.

Remember when I said muscle is more dense than fat? This is why you are seeing that number increase on the scale. You are losing fat but you are also gaining muscle. This may be difficult for you to understand. Growing up the thought of the number on the scale was pushed down our throats as good or bad. Think about it! Even television shows talk about it. Have you ever seen a lady get on a scale in a movie and freak out! That happens in real life! People focus too much attention on the scale and weigh themselves constantly.THIS WILL BREAK YOU.

Don't get too caught up with this. There are other ways you can see progress other than weighing yourself after every meal. For example, keep a log book. Measure the thickest part of you core, you legs, your neck, arms, and butt. Write them down. Do this once a week and watch as your numbers decrease as your body tones up and your body fat goes down. Get yourself a goal book. It can even just be a sheet of paper. Just get something that you can write on and know where it is at. Tape it on your bathroom mirror or keep a book on your nightstand. Whatever gets you motivated. This will also help you stay accountable!

Another way of seeing progress is taking pictures of yourself. You do not have to strip down to your underwear to do this. Pick something you are comfortable in. Maybe your favorite t-shirt or tank top and a pair of shorts. Just make sure it is something you will keep for a while because weight loss and muscle growth takes time. I recommended starting out taking these pictures at least once a month. Give it some time and pretty soon you will put that comfy shirt and shorts on and they will be less snug than last time! Take a picture and compare to the prior months. It is the best feeling in the world to see that all of your hard work is paying off.

There are multiple other ways to see your fat loss progress but I have found these ways the most convenient and motivational. I do not know about you but seeing my progress with my own eyes makes me realize that my training is worth it. When I am sore and tire I look at those transformation pictures and realize why I am doing this. This keeps me going and I hope it does this for you too! If you have any questions regarding weight loss and muscle building please ask!



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