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Winning with Waist Wraps?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It depends. Why you are wearing the wrap? Are you trying to look extra good for a certain event? Then I would say yes but keep in mind, you are going to gain all that lost volume back within a couple of hours. Are you trying to lose fat that you can keep off your body? Then absolutely not.

Think about this. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. So, for all of you people (including me) who try and drink a gallon of water a day, you are putting an extra 8.34 pounds in your body. Your body is obviously disposing it throughout the day (hello bathroom breaks every 5 seconds). Water retention still happens which will make you heavier or look bloated.

Waist trimmers, wraps, or whatever you want to call them DO NOT MAKE YOU LOSE FAT. They make you sweat out that water retention from that day, making your weight go down until you put that water back in your body. Do you plan on drinking any water or pop at this event? How about eating lunch or dinner? When you put that waist trimmer around your core, it stimulates thermal activity underneath the wrap. This causes you to sweat around your midsection. Guys, this IS NOT FAT LEAVING YOUR BODY. Physically look at your sweat. Sweat is water! Those are drops of water underneath the trimmer not fat.  

AN common example of this is when you put latex gloves on your hands for around thirty minutes. What will happen? Your hands will start to sweat. Once again, water leaving your body. Are you losing fat? Nope, just more water.

In conclusion, if you have that photoshoot or that beach day with you new man and you want to look extra good, then yeah go for it. But do not wear it for a prolonged amount of time and realize it is not a weight loss technique. You are simply sweating out the water in your core, making you look less bloated and a little bit thinner.

Personally, I do not use waist trimmers. I would rather actually lose the weight and keep it off my body. 



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